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Pocket Air Inhalationsmaske für Erwachsene Maske für Inhalationsgerät
Inhalation mask for Pocket Air inhalation device for adults or children
Pocket Air inhalation mask for adults and children Standard inhalation mask Available in two sizes Single-patient use Reusable Easy cleaning as described in the instructions for use Please select the desired version in the top right-hand corner of the menu. You can get the Pocket Air inhalation device here.
1 Stück
Medikamentenvernebler Pocket Air mit Inhalationsmasken und Mundstück
Portable silent inhalation device Pocket Air suitable for antibiotics and hypertonic NaCl
Pocket Air - the inhaler for the targeted treatment of respiratory diseases The portable and virtually silent inhalation device is suitable for adults, children, infants and babies and nebulizes antibiotics and hypertonic saline solution in addition to all drugs approved for inhalation. With a drug cup capacity of 6 ml and a nebulization rate of ≥ 0.25 ml/min, the Pocket Air...
1 Stück
€139.90 €163.33
Philips InnoSpire Go Komplettset mit Maske
InnoSpire Go inhalation device Inhaler for adults and children
Philips InnoSpire Go Proven vibrating mesh technology, for fast and efficient nebulization. Due to the vibrating nickel-palladium membrane and a particle size of only 5µ, the drug also reaches the lower airways and is neither heated nor denatured. The rapid inhalation, of about 4 minutes, is almost silent but efficient and intensive. The InnoSpire Go is ideal for on the...
1 Stück
€173.00 €256.49