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IM Schlauchsystem für RespiClear Hustenassistent
Original tube system for RespiClear Cough Assistant
Original tube system for RespiClear Cough Assistant 22mm hose diameter Leakage valve Pressure measuring line with Luer connection Unit-side bacteria filter on the breathing tube Bacteria filter in the pressure measurement line 1,50m long Approved by the manufacturer According to the manufacturer's specifications, only hose systems and filters that meet the requirements...
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mechanischer In- und Exsufflator Hustenassistent Cough-Assist
RespiClear mechanical in- and exsufflator cough assistant Cough-Assist
The mechanical insufflator and exsufflator RespiClear from Flo Medizintechnik supports the mobilisation of bronchial secretion. Patients with a limited cough of less than 160 l/min are no longer able to cough up the secretion on their own, e.g. in the case of weakened or paralysed inspiratory muscles and expiratory muscles in the case of neuromuscular diseases. RespiClear...
1 Stück